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I am currently running XP Home edition on my Dell 131L laptop; however I need to upgrade to XP Professional in order to run some new software.
My question is whether a product entitled MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL FULL VERSION SP3 32bit is the correct product to order? Do I need to be aware of anything so that I don't lose all my existing files and apps?
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    That product will be the right one to use but as for your data, you cannot depend on the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard to work between differing versions of XP. Take everything you want to keep off the hard disk before installing then let the system format it.

    You can't move Programmes of course but if you take all the data from your Documents and Settings>{yourname}My Documents, Favourites, Cookies, Contacts and Desktop folders, that's the best it gets. Transferring Application Data across is risky because it could corrupt the new system.

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