Wireless Connection suddenly not received by Buffalo N Adapter

Need help on the topic.
General Background on my problem.

Bought Buffalo Wireless-N NFINITI High Power USB 2.0 Adapter (Using its Client Manager V Ver 1.4.1 from the CD included)
to act as a substitute for my wireless N PCI due do its bad reception of my wireless connection when I closed my door. (From 1~2bar reception to almost 0)

Initially everything works well. Connected the adapter to its extension usb wire to allow a better reception. (Reception /= My broadband speed)
From ( 1~5.5Mps) to (19.5~26Mps) .
It has function all well for one day +.
Suddenly yesterday afternoon it disconnects.
From then on, its wireless connection list no longer includes my wireless connection.
No matter how I restart desktop, plugin n unplug the adapter, restart my modem, it still does not detect my wireless connection.
Instead all other wireless network around my house are still detected.

Enabled my original Wireless N PCI card, it is able to detect my wireless connection, albeit its wireless connection is weak.

So please if anyone could assistance in finding y my adapter suddenly is unable to detect my connection.

Thx a lot

(Using Win7 Home Premium)
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  1. For the heck of it, try WZC (Windows Zero Configuration) rather than Client Manager.
  2. How to use it in the 1st place?
    I'm only with Win 7 for a few days.

    Then I'm not sure that explains y there's a sudden nil detection of my wireless connection.

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