Accelero S1 Plus or Rev.2 - Is it worth the difference?

Is the price difference worth it? What changes in terms of temperature?

I'll use it to cool off a Nvidia 8800 GT (yeah i have a old system)
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  1. Not exactly sure which 2 devices you are comparing. Go here:

    Let us known the exact 2 devices you are seeking a comparison for.
  2. I am sorry, i am not allowed to edit messages! So i'll have to double post, hope you understand.

    S1 Plus:

    S1 rev.2: [...] ev.-2.html
  3. They look virtually identical and I would suspect that their performance is very similar (if not identical). You could also add this to either to enhance the cooling capacity:

    I actually used an S1 Plus with an older GPU a couple of years ago. It actually worked well and was dead silent (as expected).

    Save your money and get the less expensive of the 2 VGA coolers.

    Good luck!
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