Best Overclocking program?

Asus GPU Tweak vs Micro Star International(MSI) Afterburner vs EVGA PrecisionX. Which is better? please advise.
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  1. I have only used Afterburner, but it does everything I need, and does it well.

    Although I wish Kombustor would stress test both my GPU's at the same time.
  2. I personally prefer MSI afterburner because of it's very simple interface, with advanced easy to access features. Aswell as being able to display statistics in games.
  3. BIOS
  4. footlong96 said:

    No... :pfff:
  5. Now how can one overclock in some BIOS?
  6. Give the new version of Sapphires Trixx a shot, very easy to use and you can adjust everything including voltage. To stress test I prefer Furmark.
  7. I need to overclock my asus engts450/di/1gd5 (factory OC810) to 925. I've tested the voltage of 1.112V and is ok but asus gpu tweak syncs between the clock and vcore and suggests 1.137V. Now which one should I go with? Please help.
    -YOUNGSTER Neil.
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    MSI afterburner is the easiest interface ive ever worked with. and it has a stress test built into it as well as temperature monitoring software.
  9. i use sapphire trixx
  10. Alright. The winner is Micro-Star-International Afterburner 2.4 and KOMBUSTOR 2.4. I've selected 1.137V, 925 mhz and memory and shader at stock speeds. while benchmarking, I got 131 fps(Windowed screen by evga OC scanner X) (7801 Points). No artefacts. But temps were touching 90C in full speed fan. But in idle, its just 34C-39C only. what does that mean by too high and too low? I've never seen such thing before....
  11. My OC'd 6850 hits 73-75c depending on my room temp at 99% load with Furmark. 90c is dangerously high. You might have too much voltage and your stock HS & Fan can't cool it. Also, the fans aren't designed to be ran at 100% for extended periods of time, you need to back off your OC
  12. I've turned on Asus SmartDoctor SmartCooling technology... after playing battlefield3, when I check the temps, they r 57C. Does tht mean that my problem is solved? But the gpu is making terrible noise...depending upon load....chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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