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I have purchased a PNY nVidia GeForce 9800 GT EE 1024 graphics card. I can not get it to post. My system is home built. My OS is Windows 7. M/B is ASUS M2V-MX SE. Processor is Athlon Duo Core 2500mhz. 4GB Ram. After installing video card and rebooting system card will not post.I upgraded my PSU to a 750 watt Antec with 12v - 25 amp available. When I reinstall previous video card shows up immediately. Can any one help. Contact is email removed
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  1. your mobo has onboard gpu or not?
    Did u disable it?
  2. Yes , has on board and it has been disabled and set to PCI
  3. and have u uninstall the older driver of the onboard?
    also make sure u hook up the monitor to the vga output not onboard...
  4. Where do I go or what is the procedure for uninstalling older driver of the on board vga. I am using an ASUS PCIe card now and it is working fine, but want to use my 9800 card. And thanks for the quick response
  5. i think there's an option to uninstall from Control Panel - Programs and Features.
    Have another computer? u can try your card there to make sure it's work... :)
  6. Did you plug the pci-e 6-pin connector from your PSU to the video card?
  7. hundredislandsboy said:
    Did you plug the pci-e 6-pin connector from your PSU to the video card?

    The PCIe card I have does not have a 6-pin connector available.
  8. On Asus' website, other users are also reporting they can't use a 9800 GT with your motherboard.

    You may want to ask Asus if your motherboard's PCI-E slot is able to pump out enough watts to power your videocard.

    Stick another videocard in there like a low powered 8500 GT or 7100 Gs or anything else. If the card works, at least you know the PCI-E slot works with lower power cards.
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