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I have an LG BH08 that I have had since January. I have burned a lot of blurays with this burner no prob. But I went and cleaned the lens with a DVD lens cleaner and the unit will not read original blurays. If I put one in and go to my computer it just shows the drive. and when the disc is in there it kinda makes a clicking noise but does not read. Now if I put in a backup of an original it will show up. Just wont read originals. I have win7 on a AMD 945 Phenom II with 4 gigs of ddr3 1600. Never had any pronblems until I used the lens cleaner. Any sugestions? I already contatced LG and they are supposed to be sending out another but I have some blurays I need to back up right now. Also I just tried and burned a 4.7 dvd with data to see if that worked and it burned fine.
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  1. I am pretty sure there are 2 lasers in those players one for blue ray and one for standard. The blue ray one might be damaged the clicking noise is usually associated with it having problems with the laser trying to focus but cant.
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