Norton Systemworks 2005 antivirus scanner is disabled by LiveUpdate


Just wondering if anyone still using Systemworks 2005 on Windows XP. I have recently encountered an error message after updating the Virus Definitions on August 31, 2012? After running live update I tried to run a FULL SYSTEM SCAN and got an error message saying that Systemworks was unable to scan because Norton Scanner components were missing. In the message box Systemworks suggested that I uninstall and re-install. So I did that and the Virus Scanner worked again. But this time having an older version of i32 Intelligent Updater from August 17, 2012 I used that instead of LiveUpdate just to see if I could update without disabling the Norton AV scanner. It worked flawlessly. I afterwards rebooted to make sure and the NAV scanner was still working well.

The guys at Symantec were not much help, they were arrogant and told me to upgrade. I still have two more years of Systemworks 2005 subscriptions to use up before I upgrade, and by then I may no longer use my XP machine.

Nonetheless, I then updated to the September 3, AV definitions using LiveUpdate again. Systemworks 2005 confirmed that I was up to date. So I tried scanning my system again and found that once more the AV scanner had been disabled with the same error message.

Does anyone know if the Symantec people are behind this so I stop using 2005?

In addition to that problem, in 2008 I bought seven Systemworks 2005 subscriptions from Future Shop when I learned that Symantec would no longer support Windows ME. 2005 is the last version that worked with WinME. Being that I did not know how much longer I would use the ME machine I guess I panicked and spent a lot of money. Having Systemworks 2005 on both the ME and XP machine was real nice, its a simple program and perfect for what I need, and never had any problems with this product until now.

I no longer use my ME pc but still using my old XP for programs that will not work on Win7. The real bummer is, that I still have two more one year subscriptions to use up.

If anyone has any ideas why the Norton Antivirus scanner components are being removed or disabled after doing a LiveUpdate on or after August 31, 2012, I would really appreciate your input.

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  1. HI again:

    Just an update about Systemworks 2005 problem on XP. Since this is the third time that I had to reinstall this product. I changed strategy and downloaded the i32 intelligent updater for September 3, 2012. After updating with Intelligent Updater instead, the Norton antivirus scanner was disabled again. The same error message appeared saying that components of the Norton Virus Scanner were missing. I also tried an older restore point back-up from July in case it was a registry issue, but that did no difference. So all I can do is reinstall and have virus definitions of August 17th as my latest update.

    Its obvious to me that the last update from August 31st and after, is specifically disabling the scanner, which makes the Antivirus part of Systemworks useless. It dosen't matter if you use the i32 updater or Symantec LiveUpdate, the results are the same. I suspect this is being purposely done. Code in the update is specifically targeting and disabling a specific component in Systemworks 2005. It looks like I may not be able to use my last two subscritions, thanks symantec!

    So I hope that some brilliant programmer out there can figure it out. Thanks in advance.

  2. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that this subscription will expire in June of 2013.

  3. Hi again:

    We know for sure that it is NOT a registry issue, but a file within Norton Systemworks that is being deleted by LiveUptate. How do we fix that?
  4. Hi there:

    I have added the Tom's Hardware message sent to me below my reply. I am not sure what you are referring to as far as answers are concerned. The thread that should read, "Norton Systemworks 2005 antivirus scanner is being disabled by LiveUpdate" (I was not able to correct the title for the thread), there have NOT been any answers to my problem.

    I guess no one can figure it out or no one really cares, after all, its old software. I can't select a "Best Answer" when I did not receive any constructive response from someone in the Tom's Hardware community. The only thing that appeared in the thread that I started, were useless google ads. I am sure that this problem of having my antivirus disabled by LiveUpdate deleting a component within Norton, must have happened to others who are still using this product. The error message refers to the antivirus scanner unable to start because of missing components.

    I know that I am being repetitive, but if I reinstall and only update to August 17th, everything is okay. I have no doubt that Symantec has intentionally done this to force us to buy their new bloatware programs. There are a lot of brand new copies of Norton Systemworks 2005 still available on ebay and Amazon. Except for Norton Utilities, Symantec has made the antivirus component of this product unusable.

    I ran an online security check with Symantec back in February 2012 using Norton Systemworks 2005 and Symantec sent me a report showing all green checkmarks, that my PC was not vulnerable to threats. For an old product, that's really good. I have have never had any problems with it running on XP or ME. So I still hope that someone comes up with a solution, being that I still have some brand new subscriptions that I want to use, and I can't use on Win7. I still plan to use my XP machine for some time since some of the programs on it will not work on my Win7 PC.

    Nonetheless, I cannot review and select best answers when I have NOT received any. Thanks anyway.


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    NO, I have not received any replies, there are no other details that I can add. What else can I say, although new copies of Norton Systemworks 2005 are still available on ebay and Amazon, I am sure some people are still using this product for WinXP. I was hoping someone could figure it out. Like I said before Symantec's LiveUpdate is disabling the virus scanner if you update your definitions after the end of August, my subscription will only expire in June of 2013.
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