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I jus bought a windows 7 product key online and i have to dowload windows 7 from a link the seller sent me. I am building a new pc and i was wondering how i would go about installling windows 7 on this pc im building if i don't have a disc!?!....

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  1. You'll just have to burn the downloaded windows 7 from the link provided to you in a DVD then install it using the product key you got.
  2. Does the link the seller sent you point to an ISO file?
  3. I havn't tried dowlnoading it so im not sure wat type of file it is.....I was thinking about dowloading it to an external hard drive and then plugging that into the new pc....would that work!? how would i burn it to a cd....using which program!?
  4. If it is an iso file, something like UltraISO would work (the trial would be sufficient for burning the iso).
  5. so how would u be able to tell if it's an ISO file or not? What's the best cd brand to burn it on!?
  6. You'll be able to tell when you download the file. TDK and Verbatim are generally 2 of the best DVD brands around...
  7. I just confirmed it is an ISO file....whats next?
  8. Burn the iso and install 7.
  9. do i not download the iso file from the link then burn it!?
  10. Dude, the bread has already been given to you. We have already said that:

    1. Download the ISO file
    2. Burn it to a disk (DVD, most likely) using a burning software
    3. Install it using the conventional way (putting the disk in the cd/dvd/whatever drive)
    4. If it asks you for a key, use the one they gave to you

    What else do you want? What buttons to click? What snacks to eat while waiting?
  11. masterjaw said:
    What else do you want? What buttons to click? What snacks to eat while waiting?

    I don't know about the OP, but I'm always interested in new snacks to try... :)
  12. I recommend downloading Nero 9 lite, its free and Nero is excellent for this job. Download the ISO, burn it, Nero is very easy to use (its like burning CD's for dummies). After that you are done and ready to go, you boot from it and you're off. BTW windows 7 installation is also (installing an OS for dummies), couldn't of made it easier. Good luck.
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