Which GPU Combo for 3 monitors and a tv?

What I would like to do is use three monitors at once while working via DVI and a HDTV for media via HDMI at other times. What are my best options? Which GPUs do you suggest? Not a gamer more for productivity and some multimedia. Thanks!
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  1. I would need 2 of thees right? Will the crossfire do anything if not gaming?
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    If you drive dual-link DVI then you would need 2 for the 3 monitors using DVI.
    If you use DisplayPort then 1 would be enough.

    The 5750 can drive:
    1 DisplayPort
    4 TMDS Signals (1 Dual-Link DVI/HDMI uses 2)

    So you can drive 2 DVI/HDMI's & a DisplayPort.
    If you use a DVI->VGA adapter then 1 card will be enough.
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