Core 2 duo vs core i3

Can u pls tell me which is the best between this two..Core 2 duo or core i3..
n why??
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  1. They are different sockets and different architecture. The i3s are newer technology. The core 2 duos use an older/outdated socket. Generally, the i3 is a better buy.
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  3. It depends on the model. But I would buy the i3.
    Anyway, you can compare both cpus in this link:
    Here you can choose cpu and aplication.
  4. if your going to spen more money then i would suggest a core i3 since its got much more Cache size and fsb.
  5. what is the difference with core core 2 duo and core i3 of speed, socket and all of them?
  6. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- The C2D is socket 775, the i3 is socket 1156, more new means more lifetime. Win the i3.
    2- The C2D is a 45nm processor, the i3 is 32nm. Win the i3.
    3- The C2D have 6MB cache L2 but don't have cache L3, the i3 4MB cache L3. Win the i3.
    4- The C2D E8600 is around $289.99, the i3-540 is around $139.99, for price, win the i3.
    5- The C2D don't support Hyper-Threading, the i3 support that technology.

    IMO, don't have sense spend money in a socket that is old, when you can build a new rig with new technology that can have a little more lifetime.
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