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I was wondering if a 660 Ti would max out games at 1080p with good frame rates. I may be willing to get a 670 but will a see a big jump in performance? I will play games like Skyrim, BF3 and maybe Guild Wars 2. The Cpu is an I5 3570k. Ram is 16gb 1600. Also I would like only Nvidia for gpu if you have any other suggestions. Thanks.
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  1. So are you going to overclock it? If not, why is this in the overclocking section? :heink:
  2. Yes I would overclock, i've read that a 660 Ti overclocked is about the same as a 670 stock. But the memory bus is smaller on the 660 Ti. Would that hurt me in 1080p with fxaa ect turned on?
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    Here is a good comparison:

    As you can see, both cards will max out the games you listed, it all depends on what you are willing to pay.
  4. The extra money is well spent, on a 670 or 7970! You will thank yourself, later.
  5. Thanks!
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