P6-p4vmm2 Motherboard Issues

I have a P4mm2 MB. The problem is that it freezes on start up, I have checked everything that i can think of, now I am thinking that the board or the CPU has gone bad.
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  1. Can you clarify more ? does it give you any beeps when you turn it on ?
  2. There is no beep, no case speaker, just the light for num, cap and scroll lock flash. everything in the case is working as it should fans are turning and heat sinks are disipating the heat. Its running smoothly for about b25 seconds then freezes. The RAM is fine all the conections are good that I can see.
  3. What are your system specs ?
  4. Intel P4 775 pin 2.4 gHz Prosessor with 1 gb ram DDR 400hz
    Radeon 9600 256mb GPU with Dual Monitor
    Soundblaster X-Fi sound card
    160 gb HDD
  5. Can you boot in safe mode or it freezes?
  6. It only boots into safe mode when it wants, when it doesn't it just freezes.
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