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Hey everyone.

Antec 1200 or Coolersmaster HAF 932 or other?

Other must be a Full Tower ATX with a nice dark look.

Thanks everyone. :bounce:
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  1. Between the Antec 1200 and Cooler Master HAF 932, I'd pick the HAF 932. Two other options would be the Cooler Master ATCS 840 or the Lian-Li PC-P80B Armoursuit, but if you're going to use watercooling, the Corsair Obsidian 800D is a great choice.
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    I have the HAF 932 for one of my systems. It is a huge beast. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent with just the stock case fans. Plenty of room inside the case. Cable management is excellent.
  3. I like the Antec cases, but of your two choices, the HAF, by all means.
  4. Dark look? Silverstone Raven surely then :P
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  6. Thanks everyone I'm going for the Haf 932 :)
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