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Looking around here I've seen that others seem to be having issues with the HD5770 freezing, crashing, etc. Mine seems to be acting similarly - freezing with a blank screen or with vertical lines, usually gray but sometimes blue. It's frozen in MW2, as well as in Firefox and just sitting in Windows doing nothing. For a few days it seemed to be fine playing videos (avi and wmv), but over the past couple of days it freezes in less than a minute, with a high pitched screeching. For awhile I thought it was the RAM, as I was unable to install Windows 7 until I pulled one of the sticks. The correct timings helped things, but with memtest testing, I've discovered errors with both sticks, which is clouding the issue a bit for me.
So, could these problems be the memory, or, based on the similarity to the problems others have been experiencing, is it most likely the GPU? I'd rather RMA them both at once than drag out the process and be without my machine for a couple weeks.
From what I've been able to gather thus far, no one seems to have much in the way of solutions for the 5770 problems. About the only thing I found was a suggestion to disable HDMI in the Device Manager. I've also seen mention of a purported major driver release on the horizon. Anyone have any idea how soon? I don't really feel like waiting around for a hopeful fix to a board which apparently isn't ready for use in many systems.
Are there any mobo settings I should be adjusting? I've searched but thus far haven't found anything with any recommended settings, other than the defaults. It's been quite a few years since I last put together a system, and as I discovered with my RAM, you can't just plug things in and expect the BIOS defaults to even work.

Here are my details:
CPU athlon II x4 630
Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-MA770T-UD3P
Graphics POWERCOLOR AX5770
case APEX Vortex
psu Seventeam 750W
Harddrive WD 550GB
Windows 7 64 bit

I've updated the BIOS to F5, and the ATI driver to 9.12 and I'm not running CCC.
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  1. If your both sticks of your RAM give error in Memtest then they have the problem and they may be causing this too,so your VGA maybe fine but your RAM's definitely have problems,you may want to RMA them
  2. I know both sticks are bad and I'm sending them back today or tomorrow. But there seems to be a problem with the graphics as well, and I'd rather take care of it all at once, as opposed to sending the memory back, then finding once I have the new ones that the graphics is doing the same thing and needs to be RMAed as well, and I don't have a system to use for a couple weeks.
    The vertical gray lines are not that frequent right now. What is guaranteed to lock up my system is playing an AVI. Within about 10 seconds, it locks, the sound screeches and I need to reboot. And based on all of the other problems I've been reading about with the 5770's, both here and on ATI's forums, this seems pretty common and no solutions have been found. I'm mostly trying to find out if anyone has had success in resolving these problems and if there is any reason I should give this board a chance.
    Which leads to the next question: any suggestions on what I should replace my 5770 with?
  3. All the problems you mention could be GPU or Ram. Since we know the Ram is bad, we can't really say much about the GPU. So unfortunately at this point it is probably best to keep the card and hope it is not defective (since there is no way to prove it is).
  4. I purchased the same card from newegg(xfx ATI Radeon 5770 1Gb) and am having the same issue so i looked around and it seems to be a somewhat common issue, not sure if it was a bad batch of cards or possibly a driver issue, currently working with XFX to get issue resolved.
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