Evergreen (5000 Series) Core Naming GUIDE

Evergreen (ATI Radeon 5000 Series) Core Naming Guide

There seems to be confusion to what the naming is, I aim to help clear the naming.

Evergreen - Entire 5000 Series Lineup (The Family)

Core Naming*
Hemlock - Highest End - 5900
Cypress - High End - 5800
Juniper - Gamer - 5700
Redwood - Mainstream - 5600
Cedar - Low End - Not Yet Released^

Exact Cores Used
Hemlock - 5970
Cypress XT - 5870
Cypress PRO - 5850
Juniper XT - 5770
Juniper PRO - 5750
Redwood - 5670

Reference Core Specs {Core Clock/VRAM Clock(before DDR pumping)} (SP#/Bus Width/MEM Type)
Hemlock - {725MHz/1000MHz} (1600x2/256 x2 bit/GDDR5)
Cypress XT - {850MHz/1200MHz} (1600/256-bit/GDDR5)
Cypress PRO - {725MHz/1000MHz} (1440/256-bit/GDD5)
Juniper XT - {850MHz/1200MHz} (800/128-bit/GDDR5)
Juniper PRO - {700MHz/1150MHz} (720/128-bit/GDDR5)
Redwood - {775MHz/1000MHz} (400/128-bit/GDDR5)

Possible Future Cores (Speculation)
Cypress SE - 5830 (1280 SP's)
Cedar XT - 5470
Cedar PRO - 5450

All corrections/suggestions/comments/questions are welcome, please sticky? :D

*In order of performance
^Will be updated once released
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  1. HD 5830 comes out shortly, don't know what the new codename would be Cypress SE ?
  2. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-5770,2446-2.html

    Quote from article:
    "The processor’s core clock is then decelerated to 700 MHz, yielding a nice round 1 TFLOPS of compute muscle. ATI doesn’t mess with the GPU’s back-end, so you still get 16 ROPs and a 128-bit memory bus loaded with 1GB of GDDR5 memory. However, the clocks there are slightly lower too, yielding 73.6 GB/s from the 1,150 MHz RAM."
  3. Thanks, that was where I got it too.
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