Replacing motherboards, will the new (bigger) one still fit ?

I'm planning to upgrade the motherboard, cpu, ram, disks from a case. The old motherboard is 30.5 x 24.4 cm, the new one is 30.5 x 21.0 cm. The mount holes that should fix the boards on their mount plates don't seem to match, according to the photos below:

New model: GA-EP45-UD3LR (ATX form)

Old model: GA-7N400 (ATX form)

Since I haven't upgraded motherboards before, I'm wondering whether the new board comes with a mounting plate that's suitable for the case, or if it's best to just put the case with everything on it on ebay and get another one for the new board.

Can anyone share their experience with this kind of cross-era upgrades ?

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  1. Both are ATX, so it should fit.
  2. If the case meets ATX standards, it should fit.
  3. Both motherboards conform to the ATX standard.
    There should be no issues swapping them.
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