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hi am I right in thinking that all i7 processors are quad and are better than the i3 processors? because one of the i3 processors ive been looking at says its 2.13ghz but an i7 processor ive seen says its only 1.60ghz. Or is that per core? sorry if I sound confusing. thanks
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  1. the core i3 is a dual core at 2.13 ghz per core. the core i7 is a quad core at 1.6 ghz per core. While the number of core doubles the voltage supplied stays the same so a quad core has to lower it's clocks per core. However this is why intel designed their turbo boost. By effectively shutting down 2 cores it can OC the other two in apps that do not use all 4 cores.

    Typically the core i7 is better then the core i3. However most games do not use quads so a core i3 would be a better choice, but you prolly won't find a laptop with a decent gpu and a core i3 anyways.
  2. Go here and review the different types of Intel Core ix processors.
  3. well im thinking of either the toshiba A500 or tosh P500. they both have simlar specs and the same gpu which is a nividia gt 330m. Do you know which would be better for playing something like cod?
  4. The Core i3 330M is a dual core CPU with HyperThreading - four threads in total, and does not have Turbo Boost, and stays at 2.13GHz constantly, however, the Core i7 720QM is a quad core CPU with HyperThreading, thus eight threads in total, as well as Turbo Boost, and when only one or two cores are active, such as when you're playing Call of Duty, it will overclock itself to 2.8GHz, which will give you a big performance difference while you're playing games. However, if gaming is only a minor concern, and do care about portability, the Core i3 would be better - the i3 can handle the game just fine, it's just that the Core i7 720QM provides the best performance between those two processors.
  5. ok thanks for the help
  6. Hey everyone who responded to this!

    I was thinking almost the exact same question earlier today so thanks a lot for all the help!

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