Ok i need some serious help before i go crazy

ok so i have been troubleshooting my 5770 for two days now and im at wits end here...

so i used 3dmark to benchmark my new card and well i get 10fps........................ :fou:

and gta 4's benchmark gives it 15..

so i put in my old 8600 gts and well.. it out ran the new one? i dont think that seems right

steps i have taken,

uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers
installed the 9.12 hot fix

reinstalled my nvidia card and it ran better

system specs are
vista ultimate 64 bit
AMD Phenom 9600 Agena 2.3GHz
MSI KA780G motherboard
ETASIS ET750 True 750W
Kingston HyperX 4GB
XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB

also i must add the icons are not crisp and the screen is kinda foggy, and photoshop windows glitch when i move them(seemed like a driver issue but im beginning to think its the card..)

and i know i dont have the greatest cpu but i think my system can get better then 10fps?

please help thanks in advance
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  1. have u try with the older driver that came with the card in the box?
    DId u connect the 6pin power connector for your card?
  2. yes i cycled through all four of the 6 pin connectors and they all work the same, and no i havent tried that driver ill try it now and post again
  3. ok installed and ran the benchmark again and its the same
  4. good example , im trying to play gta 4 now and on medium settings with a distance or 13 and every five feet i drive it freezes for about 2 seconds the goes again
  5. Try using driver sweeper, check temps.
  6. it only happened in GTA4 only or the other games as well?
  7. it happens with all games and while benchmarking it, the 8600 stomps it and it shouldnt be that way...
  8. Did you use driver sweeper or a full reformat when going between the cards? When going NVidia -> ATI major issues often come up if you don't.
  9. well when i first installed the card it was a fresh install of vista ultimate 64 bit, so its never seen any other cards until yesterday when i put my 8600 back in to see the difference
  10. Just wanted to be sure. So you've tried the drivers from the CD, 9.12, and 9.12 Hotfix? If so, you may want to RMA the card and see if the next one does better.
  11. yeah i tried the 9.12 and the hot fix last night, i just used driver sweeper and im putting the one from the disk on again now
  12. im running 3dmark vantage right now and well...still getting between 10 and 20 where i think it should be getting alot more, i mean you pay 200 for a card you would think it could play games.... frusterating
  13. Vantage is rough, even on top cards (and varies a lot by settings, is this default "performance"?). Try 3DMark06 (I am more familiar with "good" and "bad" scores there at 1280x1024 res (default)).
  14. ok im downloading it now it might take a little bit on my connection
  15. it says 36 minutes so check back
  16. my score is 10096
  17. sm 2.0 score is 3614
    sm 3.0 score is 5118
    cpu score is 2834
  18. That sounds a bit weak, though the processor may hold it back some.

    What are your settings in CCC, and is 3DMark06 at default (and 1280x1024 res)?
  19. yeah 3dmark was at default, and ccc is default also(because i have uninstalled and reinstalled it so many times)

    is it possible its the card? i mean i have tried everything even tried a lower end card and that one performed better
  20. Well, the weird thing though is that a score of 10000 is better than the 8600 should score (so why does the 5770 do worse in games?!?).

    As for it being the card, it certainly is possible. In the past I would have said no (as most seemed to work or not work) but I have seen too many 5800s that "sort of" work to say that now.
  21. yeah i said the same thing when i put the 8600 back in i was like wtf? it just sucks to know i paid 200 for less performance which leads me to hope it that its the card.

    think i should rma it? i mean if i get the second one and it is the same then i know one of two things

    its something else with my system or
    the card line has a defect
  22. Yeah, RMAs are fairly painless now (at least back to retailers) so that would probably be the best thing to do. if the next one still doesn't work, I'd say:

    Either you are really unlucky

    Or some component of your system (hardware or software) is conflicting with your new card and causing issues.
  23. ok while ill rma it back to newegg today or monday, and hope for the best when i get the new one. in the mean time ill just use the 8600, it performs better anyway lol thanks for all the help
  24. Check temps, the card may be overheating.
  25. the card is cool to the touch after the benchmarks not sure of the temps while its running bit it doesnt seem to get hot, its not even the slightest bit warm
  26. You can use HWMonitor ( http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php ) to record the max temp while running a benchmark. However, it is likely that if the fan is running it is ok, and if it is overheating due to a card defect, then you'll have to RMA anyway.
  27. When switching between ATI and Nvidia drivers, lots of stuff gets left behind.
    Here is a procedure to insure that you get the best possible install:

    1) Download driversweeper to your desktop, or wherever you can find it easily.

    2) Download your new driver to the same place.
    3) Add/remove programs, uninstall any Nvidia or ATI vga drivers and programs.
    4) Boot into safe mode. Press F8 repeatedly while booting to enter safe mode. Your display resolution may be minimal.
    5) Run driversweeper. Check the selection boxes for the removal of all nvidia vga drivers and ati drivers.
    6) Rerun driversweeper. All such components should be gone.
    7) Install the new driver from the desktop or saved location.
  28. When bumpbmxsbc first installed the ATI card it was a fresh install. Old drivers were my first guess too, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Though bumpbmxsbc could always try another reformat, but that isn't overly likely to help.
  29. just as an update im playing gta 4 on my old card now(nvidia 8600 gts 512mb)... and it does not lag what so ever... there is no freezing and it more crisp and clear. i sent it back as an rma hopefully the next one works or im sending it back for a nvidia card thanks for all your help ill post back when i get the new one.. we will see
  30. and i again i appreciate all the help thank you
  31. Well, be sure to update with the result of the new card. If you still have issues with it, hopefully we will be able to help you find the culprit.
  32. just to give an update, i got the rma card and well it was also defective. so i went nvidia gtx 260 and what a difference! now all i have to do is figure out if the hacked driver supports the 260 so i can sli on my crossfire mobo
  33. Glad you got it sorted out.
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