I want to upgrade cpu in laptop

laptop is dell inspiron 600m. has 1.60 cpu is there a better one that will work with that laptop?
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  1. http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php

    download and see what cpu you got exactly
  2. If you look up replacement parts for your laptop you should be able to find the motherboard model. From there, you need to download the manual for that model, if you can find it, to see what CPUs it will accept. You may need to upgrade the cooling assembly depending on the laptop. You will of course, need to take appart the entire laptop to do this and putting it back together is always a big hassle.
  3. thanx mega for the help im going with the 2.10ghz 400mhz hopefully putting it back together isnt to much of a hassle
  4. thanx for help much appreciated
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