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I bought Antec Silver Compound Formula 5 yesterday at a local computer shop. I was looking for Arctic Silver 5 but they had Arctic Silver Ceramic and Antec Formula 3 and 5. I was wondering if I made my best decision. If someone could tell me a little bit about the Antec Thermal compounds, nothing technical just which one is better. I have an i5-2500K, I know I need a vertical line and all that good stuff, going air cooled with my XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle. Given my options I think all of them were better than the Dynex crap I bought from Best Buy awhile ago to get my system up and running. Thanks in advance guys!
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    Hardwaresecrets' testing indicates that it is very slightly worse than Arctic Silver 5 - but it's so close that it's really within the margin of error anyway.
  2. LOL they used chocolate, toothpaste, butter, and lipstick! Thats awesome man. Thanks for the post!
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  4. Yeah and mayonnaise ended up right in the middle of the pack compared to real thermal paste lol. Probably wouldn't last, but still...
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