Will my PS run bfg 280gtx oc?

Hey knowledgeable people from toms hardware. Quick question if you don't mind, will my power supply 500 truepower thermaltake 12v 14 an 15 run a 280 gtx oc?? i do need a 8 pin adapter but will it work?? an i do alot of gaming...

Power Supply

Thanks for anyhelp!!

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  1. I wouldnt do it, your PSU can only provide 348W from the 12V rail. The GTX280 is power hungry, which is why it was phased out and replaced by the GTX275 and GTX285, plug your specs into the PSU calculator and see what it tells you, the GTX280 has a TDP of 236 so i definitely do recommend it as it is very very close to the max for your PSU with a mid power processor, if you have a 125W processor, several fans, and a couple HDDs you risk over drawing your PSU.
  2. Alright, well im dumb i should of put in my whole computer specs hehe sorry :D

    amd athlon II 620 quad(non overclock stock cooler)
    4 gigs dd2 800 ram
    300 gb hd sata
    dvd cd/rw
    2 80mm led fan
    1 120mm led fan
    foxconn a7gm-s (version 1)
    500 watt truepower thermaltake ps
    apevia x-plorer case (lcd temp,and fan speed controller not plugged in)
    and then i have various usb's about 5 or 6 (mouse, keyboard ect.)

    you see i had a 9800 gtx+ oc but it started to overheat so i asked for a rma
    they sent me a 280gtx back now im curious to see if i should even bother buying
    a 8pin adapter or if i might risk screwing my pc up entirly trying to use it...

    hope you can help me out a little more

    thanks again!!

    if it won't work you think if bfg will arrange an rma, for maybe a 275gtx would that work??
  3. Bump anyone ? :o
  4. Impressed that the 9800GTX would run on that PSU. You should have about 26-28 amps combined on the 12v rails to run them stable while being in a safe range with all the draw from other components.
  5. i see haha so i need to invest in a new ps? alright any suggestions? so i know that im buying a good powersupply
    that will be enough for this computer :D
  6. They sent you a GTX280 to replace your 9800GTX? WOW! that is an awesome trade :-P

    The 9800GTX+ is 450W 24A requirement
    The GTX280 is a 550W 40A requirement

    So you will really want a new PSU, but honestly I wouldn't complain, it will last you much longer than your old card did.

    I'd go for this deal.
    OCZ 600W $56 after $25 MIR +$6 shipping:
    1 x 6-Pin, 1 x 6+2-Pin power connectors
    42A on the 12V rails

    EXACTLY what you need.
  7. Hey can you tell us where you bought your 9800gtx? I would like to purchase one too and have it overheat, then RMA it for a 280gtx haha :)
  8. ^It would be up to the manufacturer. Chances are this was EVGA or XFX. They tend to replace cards like this if they don't have a replacement... My guess is since it is called GTX 280 OC it is EVGA..... if not BFG. It wouldn't be XFX because they call them XXX or Black edition or something all cool sounding.

    Am i RIGHT?
  9. haha i know when i opened the box i was like whaaaaat? but then again it did take them 3 weeks to send this card back :na: an i bought the card on new egg if they still sell it anyway im going to try an get this power supply soon thanks again for the replys guys!!!

    and yes it was bfg =D
  10. Seriously that is an AWESOME upgrade, by accident :-P

    If all it costs you is a power supply, I wouldn't be complaining at all. I can imagine what you would have said when you opened it. Its a BIG card.
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