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I have a HP Pavilion Elite M9590A PC and it has a Asus (Benicia)IPIBL-LB motherboard but when i switch the pc on i have a blank screen and says no signal - have replaced the video card that is a ASUS ENGT240 1 gig DDr3 - Still comes up with no signal on the screen - Could it be the motherboard Can anyone help please
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  1. Does it make it's post beep? If not, try the RAM, otherwise, it could be the board.
  2. First check: working without RAM and Display card (only Power supply + Motherboard + CPU). listen to speaker on mortherboard. If have beep, motherboard and CPU work good. If not, maybe motherboard have problem, or CPU die.
    Second check: clean RAM and display card by Eraser, then take in. Turn on power. If not work, change Ram. If Ram work good, change Display card.
    third check: Change Power supply.
    Good luck !
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