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Open Air PC

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January 28, 2010 9:54:23 PM

So I was thinking of building myself a pc, currently I have a laptop and we have a family computer in the living room. I was gonna put it in my room and just leave it open air but I had a few questions about doing that.

One. the motherboard doesn't need anything special done to it right? I can just set it on the wood of my desk.

Two. How am I going to turn the computer on....?

Three. Obviously do not touch it while its running... v.v but would there be anything other than that I am missing safety wise?

Lastly. how would I go about making the cables longer if I needed some of them to stretch farther, cause I know cables are made to be stuffed inside a computer case.

Thanks, any help much apreciated.

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January 28, 2010 11:57:57 PM

Two. short the two power pins on the motherboard with something metal to turn it on/off (that's all the power button does)

Three. Being out in the open just leaves it more susceptible to bumps, spills, static etc. I would definitely not recommend it if u have any pets ( a cat wound find it to be a fantastic back scratcher )

One thing that always worries me when I have my computer out of the case is that a big dual slot GPU always seems really unstable just being supported by the pcie slot. I can imaging bumping into that could snap something.

another thing you may not consider is that having all the cables plugged could drag it around (or off) the desk if they get pulled.

As for modding the cables, I wouldn't touch any of the power cables, other cables like sata have maximum length as the signal buffers aren't guaranteed to drive the signal on a longer cable.
January 29, 2010 1:42:09 AM

Okay.. ya I can see how the gpu in the pcie slot might not be very stirdy...

Well I would put it in two shelves/boxes I have on top of the desk, they'd fill up the entire area so my cat which I do have one wouldn't bother going up there with all the stuff up there since he doesn't and I have stuff there now.. that'd also take care of the spilling something on it...

Then has anybody made a makeshift "stabilizer" for a gpu or can think of a way to make one...?? the top part of the desk isn't the stirdiest (it does wiggle side to side if bumped that way) so that'd be something I would want to try and tackle..
or just turn the motherboard sideways so the card wouldn't wobble that way at all...

Oh also what about cooling, just leaving it open will make it a whole lot cooler long as in the summer I air condition the room (which it will be). Or should a fan or two be blowing across the mobo?? (If you imagine a box about 9x14x11 there are 2 openings front and back and ima be using two boxes of that size) laythe mobo down in one box and put cd/dvd's and hdd's in the box next two it... as for the pwr supply I might be able to squeeze it next to mobo or mount in on the side/top of the box..
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January 29, 2010 8:15:55 PM

MadAdmiral said:
You realize there are open-air cases right? Or if you're just looking to have everything in view clear cases...

Yes I do realize that.. I just think it'd be cool to have them in that spot plus it is more outta the way then an actuall tower where everything would be on the floor or on the desk. And its not too high where I can hardly reach anything when I add/remove parts mess around with old/broken parts.
January 30, 2010 9:37:10 PM

Having it open air will take up a lot more space than using an open air case. You might also want to look into bread boarding. Typically, that's done to make sure everything works, buy you could just leave it that way.

No offense, but the idea of leaving it all in the open is really stupid. You'll have big problems with dust and there's a good chance of bumping/spilling/yanking something that will ruin the computer. After all, there is a reason the computer case was invented. If it was better to just leave all the parts laying on a table, we wouldn't have cases. I'd definitely either get the open air case or build your self a frame to at least contain it.
February 7, 2010 1:28:42 AM

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