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Which is the best all in one antiviurs, firewall and internet security software for win xp professional?? How is quick heal antivirus work??
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  1. None. All-in-one security suites are the exact OPPOSITE of what you should be doing from a security standpoint. If someone manages to topple one program in the suite, odds are the entire suite goes with it. If you have separate programs from different vendors, the attacker may topple one layer, but then hit the next layer and have to shift tactics.

    However, at the end of the day, the single biggest threat to computer security is you. You are the one who might use a browser like Internet Explorer where one wrong click can open the floodgates to drown your system in malware. You are the one who might open that attachment to an email purporting to be naked photos of some celebrity. You are the one who might do any number of things that are bad for your computer's security. Safer computing habits will do far more to protect your computer from would-be attackers than any software ever can.
  2. We run an enterprise edition of a popular AV, I have to uninstall symantec and when I do I get a note, if you are concerned about internet safety unplug your network cable. Many AV programs do quite well but it is often people clicking on links or opening email attachments that are the biggest part of the problem. I have one old tablet that strains under any av, I use it for gps navigation mostly but no av. I go to sites I know and trust, though cnn has had a past sql injection attack that will virus you! Mcafee site advisor is a good tool to use, and microsofts free scan every now and then, but being smart is the most important, along with an antivirus, even free avg. Oh and in response to above, no one in my control is allowed to use ie except for special permissions I grant for websites that do not perform properly under firefox. Firefox is my applied internet access of choice. Also in acrobat disable java, as that has been an avenue of attack.
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