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Hello, I need to overclock my asus engts450/di/1gd5 (factory OC810) to 925. I've tested the voltage of 1.112V and is ok but asus gpu tweak syncs between the clock and vcore and suggests 1.137V. Now which one should I go with?
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    A general rule of thumb is to OC with the lowest voltage that boots. From there, you stress test. If you crash, increase the voltage, one step up at a time. You can do this until either:

    1. You find a stable voltage that allows boot and stress; or
    2. You haven't found a stable voltage, but increasing any further will put you higher than recommended by the manufacturer. In which case you decrease the OC and repeat.
  2. In 1.137V, when I was benchmarking, I got 131fps but temperature is touching 90C. DOES THAT MEAN......!!!??? But while no load its 34C-39C now what does this mean? both are TOO high and TOO low ? I've seen such thing for the first time.
  3. 90c .....Wow...Pull that voltage back or put some H20 through her to cool things down....nice speed on the fps's though
  4. Through her? How?
  5. It means Liquid cooling....
  6. I've turned on Asus SmartDoctor SmartCooling technology... after playing battlefield3, when I check the temps, they r 57C. Does tht mean that my problem is solved? But the gpu is making terrible noise...depending upon load....chrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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