Wondering how good my computer will play games

Hello all

Im wondering if this computer I picked up will be any good to play some games on it. It's an Intel Inside Pentium 4 computer tower I am trying to make a computer that will play the future game "Star Wars The Old Republic" because it looks amazing. But I don't know what the specs will be so I would admagine it would be similar to World of Warcraft. But here are my specs right now

Intel Inside Pentium 4 computer

-currently I have 256mb which I will need 2GB or higher if possible Im not sure what the max is?
-And I have a MX 440 8x (47c) (DDR 64m) tv graphics card. Im not sure if thats any good or not. Could it play something like World of Warcraft or on a highend? If not what card do you recommend for the computer?
-It has 2.80GHz/512/533 speed.
-It has a 80GB harddrive which I would like higher maybe 300-500GB

The motherboard number is 648fx-a rev 1.0

Just need to know if this computer will cut it

Thanks so much
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  1. canyourunit.com
  2. I don't have the computer hooked up im on my laptop. Im just wondering if I should keep it or not
  3. your computer is old, it's only pent. 4 and i think it's not worth enough to upgrading it...
    what about the graphic card? model? brand? type?
    i would say u better safe your money to build a new whole system... :)
  4. I have a MX 440 8x (47c) (DDR 64m) tv graphics card. Not sure if thats good or bad. I don't want to play all games on the market just one that would be like wow
  5. Your RAM is not enough for the minimum requirements of WOW (you need at least 512MB for XP and 1GB for Vista).
    Your GPU is Geforce4 which is above the minimum requirements (Geforce2), but I am sorry to inform you that many games excluded this specific model (MX 440) from their requirements so it is highly recommended to upgrade it.
    Search for AGPx8 card with no external power connector which has the performance of at least 6800GT.
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