Which 1GB ATI 4670 to get?

Hi guys,

got everything sorted (thanks to a large amount of help from p55ibexpeak) but just wondering which 4670 card to go for?

Have an ASUS one on order at the moment, Asus ATI EAH4670-DI-1GD3 HD RADEON 4670 but only because i've chosen to go with a P6T mobo, so just went with the same manufacturer...

but have recently found the Gigabyte one has this 'zalman ball-bearing cooler' which is suppose to be good, i dunno. Same price from the place i'm buying from compared to the Asus.

Given all the brands, sapphire, gigabyte, asus, xfx, his, msi, powercolor, etc - is there any particular one that stands out? Or if they're all the same, would the gigabyte be a better choice because of the fan it has??

need to sort out asap, because otherwise all the other parts are ready to go

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  1. choose any brand, they are all the same card but with different cooler...
    4670 wouldn't produce a lot amount of heat, so don't worry about the cooler... :)
  2. Asus is a good brand. stop worrying.
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