Tower with good cable management and removable CPU backplate

I'm looking for a tower that has good cable management and a removable CPU backplate for easy custom heatsink installation. I've already seen a few, but all in the hundreds of dollars range. Are there any towers out there that meet my requirements without costing me a small fortune and look decent at the same time? Preferably one under a hundred dollars. I'm tired of reusing my over two year old Gateway GT5644E tower. Any suggestions?
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  1. The HAF 922 has a cutout for the CPU backplate so you can get to it easily without removing the motherboard, it also has decent cable management.

    The CM 690 II advanced has a similar cutout and potentially slightly better cable management.

    Best solution to cable management though, dont get a case with a window, then it doesnt matter.
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    Another good option is to get a Modular power supply, so you don't have to attach cables you don't need.
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    I think what you really mean is you are looking for a case that has a motherboard tray with a large opening for access to a cpu heatsink's backplate. There are plenty of such cases $150.00 or less.

    Antec cases have already been mentioned.

    HAF 932
    HAF 922
    Storm Sniper
    Storm Scout

    The entire line of Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord cases have motherboard trays with openings and good cable management:
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