460 too hot?

I have my Zotac GTX 460 1GB 256bit OC'ed as follows:

Core: 845Mhz

Memory: 2200

And my max temperature of FurMark was 87c, is that a bit hot? Or is that expected?
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  1. That's Furmark, what are your gaming temps?
  2. cuecuemore said:
    That's Furmark, what are your gaming temps?

    Havent checked gaming, but with MSI Kombuster, all of the tests, I've never went over 80c.
  3. that is a great temp then, i can hit 90C easily on my GPU
  4. nna2 said:
    that is a great temp then, i can hit 90C easily on my GPU

    Is yours stable in gaming?

    Games like Bf3, skyrim, LoL, things like that?
  5. yep, 80C is great for a GPU, and they can run up to a little past 100C so your doing great
  6. Especially the GTX 460...
  7. I was playing BF3 for about 30 mins and then the screen got all choppy with white squares, and froze.

    Is this "Artifacting" ?

    I'm going to run another go with a fan on end of the gpu I just installed and see how it goes,

    Idle without fan: 54c

    With fan: 46c
  8. yep, raise the volts or lower the clocks to fix it :P
  9. I have dual 460's clocked at 845mhz and 2000mhz memory.

    With Furmark it gets near 100C. 95C was the highest recorded so far.

    Dont worry, your good. I believe 105C was its max threshold and itll start throttling down?
  10. Okay, I get artifacting, and I get a max temp of 75c in Battlefield 3, so I'm going to crank it down to 800mhz and see if that solves the artifacting.

    I would rather not pump the volts if I dont have to, :D
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    Artifacting is usually a sign of an unstable VRAM overclock, which you very well could have. I remember my 460s broke loose around 2080 MHz without extra VRAM voltage.
  12. Running good at




    I like it that way :D
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