LGA 775 Mobo suggestion please

Hi all.

My motherboard just died.
Please suggest a 775 mobo. I currently have a C2Q yorkfield, 8 gigs DDR2 ram-4 sticks, 8 hard drives, 2x pcie 2.0 16x. Etc
before I had a Gigabyte UD3P - can I do better now? Is USB 3.0 possible on a 775 mobo?
I also don't care much about O/Cing anymore. Just looking for stable/mature/not picky

I'll try to keep my CPU & RAM running until Haswell or at least Sandy Bridge.

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    You don't have a warranty on your board? I believe Gigabyte does 3 years on their motherboards. If not, then I would just go with this

    ASRock P45X3 Deluxe $79.99

    ASRock is always pretty good for the price.
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