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I just bought a second Radeon HD4830. I had a Sapphire one before, now I bought a XFX. I have done everything I can do to get it working, but it's not working! Firstly, I got a motherboard that supports crossfire (Asrock A770CROSSFIRE), got 2 cards, and got a crossfire bridge(tried 2 diffrent ones). I have tried both old and new drivers, installed them while using one card at a time etcetc. I have tried to flash the gpu bios to match, still cant get the Crossfire tab in Calatlyst to show. In GPU-Z I can find both my cards, in catalyst I can find both cards, but the second card is "Disabled Adapter" and is locked at PCI 1x. Any tips? Have been trying to fix this for a week now, still cant get it to work!
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  1. I havnt found anything about PCI slot 2 enablind or crossfire enablind, I have checked twice I think ;p
  2. My bad, it should be ASROCK A770crossfire, sorry :)
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    I assume you flipped the switch to Crossfire (the one between the PCI-E slots), correct?
  4. Or 8x/8x, I can't read what that little card switch says.
  5. Read page 17 of the manual:

    You have to flip that little card to put it in x8x8 mode.
  6. omg, thanks alot! Haha, I will try it out, brb!
  7. Funny how people never read the manual first :p
  8. Well, it is odd in this day and age to see one of those card switches. Haven't seen that since the nForce 4/Socket 939 days.
  9. Finally I got this S**T workings, and it was such a simple problem :P Thanks alot guys, your the best :)
  10. It's ASROCK, there could have been some sort of compelling reason to do it this way that saves money or made it more stable or something. A little PCB might have been cheaper than a IC chip that did it.
  11. Xqee said:
    Finally I got this S**T workings, and it was such a simple problem :P Thanks alot guys, your the best :)

    Good, now go play some games! :D
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  13. Actually, now when I try to start 3DMARK 06 my computer just shuts down, and I need to turn the switch on my powersupply, wait 5 secs, and then boot again. Can it be a power problem? I got 550W, should be enough! :o
  14. What kind of 550w? I assume both cards have the PCI-E connector plugged in. (i know dumb question, but you'd be suprised)
  15. Actually I have no idea of the brand. PCI-E connector? I plugged in the power cable for both cards, and then I connected the Crossfire bridge. and ofc I installed both cards into the mobo ;P
  16. I guess PCI-E connector is what I called power cable, so yeah, I plugged both of em in ;)
  17. Yeah, with the new card I got a new pci-e connector, so both of my cards are connected. But is the only possible thing that my PSU cant handle both cards when it shuts down?
  18. SS is referring to a molex power (4 pin, same as Hard Drive/CD) on the motherboard itself. That needs to be plugged in for dual card configurations.
  19. ASRock has been using that chip since their XPRESS 1600 days (the early days of AM2/ late days of 939). It allows them to force two 8x lanes on a chipset that would otherwise only have a single 16x lane, ie the 770 and 780/785G. I've also seen this on one or two of their 790GX boards, but I think that's simply a cost saving measure so they can use the designs they already made for the 780/785G.
  20. EXT64 , so what you want me to understand is that I need to connect another cable to the motherboard? 4 pins, from where? PSU?
  21. I found it :) Will try if it works now,
  22. I connected a molex from the PSU to the connector on the mobo just above my first card, still it crashes.
  23. Well, we'll need to know what brand and what the specifications of the PSU are. Two 4830's will use a decent bit of power and a cheap or no name PSU could very well fail.
  24. But the molex is not straight from the PSU, its another molex connection in the middle of the cable if you understand, but that shouldnt do such a problem right? :p
  25. That isn't a problem. Most molex cables have several plugs on them and all of them should work.
  26. The PSU is "Jersey ATX BE-600WS" thats what it says on the "Chassi" of the PSU :D
  27. Does it give any amperages? Specifically for the 12V rail(s).
  28. +5V/22A +12V1/15A +12V2/16A -12V/0.8A +3.3V/32A +5V sb/3A

    If that's what you want? :)
  29. Yep, that's it. Those 12V amperages look really weak. This could be the issue.
  30. Really? That would suck! ;( It should make it cause the computer is made for crossfire, but I dont know.. :/
  31. But I mean, when I start 3dmark 06 it works fine, and instantly when I press the start test thing and it starts scanning my system it shuts down, I mean, does the gpu instantly gets max voltage? I can play world of warcraft without problems, modern warfare 2 for like 5 mins then it crashes.
  32. It was a prebuilt, but it's not a "brand computer" like dell or anything.
  33. But it's kinda weird that I can play wow on max settings(I know it's not that hard for the gpu but still) for hours+, isnt there a way to find out if the PSU is to weak? I cant be sure if thats the problem.
  34. Well, I never tried both cards in both slots in LOAD. But if a card were broken I shouldnt be able to play wow, I guess I need a better PSU?
  35. Does the newest 3DMark06 include the System Detection patch? I assume it does I guess, as that has been out for a while.
  36. Yeah, when I start 3dmark 06 test is says "Scanning components" or something like that, and then the computer shuts down..
  37. I read and they think 380W PSU should be enougt, I got 600 W and its not enought? Thats weird!
  38. It all depends on the actual numbers though, and 380W is probably only enough for one card. I had a 550W PSU with higher ratings than yours (18A, 17A) and it could not power a 200W card (which is probably what your two add up to).
  39. Do you have the June 09 update as well?
  40. I just installed the patch, will try this out now, brb :)
  41. Didnt work, still crashes ;P
  42. So, your advice is to buy a new PSU?
  43. I will buy a Corsair TX650W :) thanks for all the help guys, amazing forum :)
  44. I hope it helps. Be sure to post back with the result.
  45. I got the PSU today (Corsair TX 650w) and all works perfect ;) One card had 9600 3dmark06 score, 2 cards got 13600, havnt tried OC'ed them yet either :)
  46. Good to hear. That is a great PSU and should last you a long time.
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