USB short, PC stuck on boot

I have a strange problem, usually I can fix PC problems fine..this one has me stumped.

my daughter stepped on my sons headphones (USB) and it pulled the cord out of the PC front panel. broke the USB port..a few seconds later the PC shut down.

now when we try to boot it, it powers up, but never makes it past that initial "highspeed fan" stage it goes into for 2-3 seconds when you first turn it video signal, no PC beep nothing. you can leave it on for 5 minutes, it still just sits there fans running full tilt, doing nothing else.

ive disconnected the front USB, removed everything but CPU, ram, vid card, and HD..still same thing.
it powers up..but thats it. its like it never even makes it to the bios to slow the fans down and start loading.

is it possible its the MB fried? or perhaps the PSU?
has anyone seen this happen before from a USB short?
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  1. sounds like when the port got broken it caused a short that may have fried your mobo . i've seen that happen with front ports but you really gotta hit em pretty hard, i imagine stepping on one though would do the trick
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