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I am about to begin a new X58 build (Asus P6T SE, i7-920, OCZ OCZ3X1600R2LV6GK, Sapphire ATI 5770 100283-2L, LITE-ON iHAS424-98, Nippon All-In-One ICR-BB, Rosewill WiFi RNX-N300X).

I will not be doing overclocking at this time.

As I am new to this, I would very much appreciate your advice/feedback on the following:

1) Should I update the Firmware for all HW to the latest, or under what conditions ?
2) How is Firmware update performed, and when (before/after OS installed) ?
3) When do I need to update the BIOS settings (before/after OS installed) ?
4) It would be great to get a list or screen shots of the desired BIOS settings !

Many thanks,
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  1. 1. You should always update firmware and drivers to the newest revision.

    2. After-wards, and usually from the device manufacturers website.

    3. BIOS should be left alone if you are a n00b. Research it(like you are doing:)) and tinker then. If something doesn't work right, then worry about it. For now your goal is to get it put together. Then later you will want to overclock. Trust me:) At that point you will tweak your RAM, and voltages ect...

    4. Then you will want to study this sticky and tinker, it has BIOS screenshots and step by step instructions:
    Core i7 Overclocking Guide


    6. Profit

    {EDIT} If the last two steps don't make sense, watch Southpark season 2, Episode 17. :bounce:
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