How to disable onboard GPU?

Hi, I have a Foxconn M61PMP-K mobo and I'm not sure how to turn off the onboard graphics card. I have searched on BIOS and the only thing I found anything about the GPU was the onchip vga frame buffer size (currently on 128mb, does have an option to set to off). Is that the way? Please help!
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  2. If there is no setting in the BIOS to turn off the onboard GPU then most motherboards will detect the presence of a graphics card and will automatically disable it for you. Try downloading and reading the manual on the motherboard.
  3. You should not have to turn anything off. If you have a video card installed in the PCIE slot, it should switch to the video card.
  4. I try using my GTS 250, but it won't respond when hooked up through the monitor via. DVI, but it only responds to my VGA onboard
  5. it shouldnt be the gpu, i ordered another one but i cant really test it because i dont have another computer
    yeah was thinking the pci-e slot was goin bad, i only have one so i cant test the other ones
    i believe i have an ample psu, 550w dont remember at but think 26amps on 12v line
    wouldnt doubt if its the mobo, was pretty cheap and Foxconn isnt the best brand -_-
  6. lol thanks
    but what mobo would you recommend? as in brand and has pref 2+ pci-e slots with a price around 50-75 dollars? i'm using an AM3 cpu
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