Ati overdrive not working?

Just put together my new computer. xfx 5770 card. Tried to run overdrive and I just got red and green vertical stripes on the screen. I can hear the fan cycling but the screen just stays like that until i hit esc. Is it not working?
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  1. Did you run the auto tune? if so, don't do that it very rarely works. Just overclock it manually. Just up the clocks about 5MHz at a time until it had issues and doesn't run stable, back it off 5MHz and them move to the memory clocks. Watch your temps, and happy gaming.
  2. Thanks for the input. How do I test that the overclock is stable? After adjusting the clocks, I'm still on the windows desktop, so that's not using 3d correct? Do I need to run 3dmark or something?
  3. correct. You can run 3dmark and run that a few times. Alot of games have built in benchmarks that you can run. Or just crank up a game and run it for 20 minutes. Usually if it is really unstable it will crash in a few minutes. I am not familiar with what people are getting in their overclocks, but you can also do some research and see what people are getting on theit 5770s and use that as a starting point rather than creaping up the clocks. You can sometimes at 50MHz on the GPU and start there.

    Once you have a stable clock you may find it really isnt stable after an hour of gaming. It takes some time to get the highest rock solid stable clocks. In that case just crank it down 5mhz and keep going. I ususally dont go crazy on an OC. I usually clock it 10mhz down from the last unstable clock.
  4. Thanks for the help. I will give it a try.
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