My cpu is overheating

K9a2cf motherboard
amd athlon 6400+ 3.2 ghz on two cores
4 gigs ram
3870 ati saphire
windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

While playing TF2 I minimized the game to run in a window at 1440x? res and was able to view my dual core center on other side of the screen and saw the temp go up and up and up. While doing normal apps it stays cool. But I have noticed now that while running games the cpu gets hot. I mean 80 celsius hot. Not good. My rig runs hot but I never bothered to really monitor it until TF2 started to recently crash over and over again. The heatsink looks pretty dusty? Could this be it? Or do I just not have proper airflow? I only have two fans going besides the heatsink. One 80mm on side that sucks in and a 120mm on the back that expels. There is another slot in front (120mm) that I can place another fan in to help draw the airflow.... but really? Team Fortress? I never expected that it would do that to a cpu. I have played it on this computer for about two years and never had a problem? Crisis also. I am just wondering if this is an indicator that the cpu could be going out. Anyhow... any advice I would appreciate. Thanks.
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    It sounds like a heat related issue for sure and I would say the dust on your HSF, isn't helping!!

    My recommendation would be to remove your heat sink, clean off the dust, thermal compound (HS & CPU), reapply thermal compound and reapply the HSF. Next, I would clean the complete case to remove any dust that has build up in the case. You can do this with with low pressure air (most PC shops sell compressed air for this). Finally, I would add the extra 120mm front fan to provide additional cooling and better air flow.

    These three things should help drop your temps...
  2. Depending on how dusty, even just clearing that might be it.

    If your CPU has always ran hot, check to make sure the HSF is properly attached, and that you are using the correct vcore. Wrongly attached HSF or using a vcore to high will cause high temps.
  3. I am in the process of doing the things that have been suggested. A couple of question for a newb like me.
    1. clean the dust off the hs? with compressed air?(it's like embedded in it) I have arctic ice to reaply...
    2.vcore? what is that? I looked it up and it is the voltage supplied to my core. I have never messed around with that. I do not have the knowledge to do something like that.
    3.Thanks for the advice tecmo and 47
  4. dont mean 2 say what evrybodyelse said, but dust is a big factor on weather ur rig iz hot or not, get some paintbrushes and some cans of dustoff, just 2day i throughly cleaned a psu, a clean pc is a happy pc
  5. Yes, use canned air and clean the heatsink.

    Its possible that the computer is naturally supplying to much voltage. You should use CPUz to check what core you have and what voltage is being supplied. Check online to make sure that its the correct amount. If its to much, then adjust it down.
    I monitored ingame and my voltage ran at 1.42. Normally it runs at 1.40. Is this what you are talking about 47? How would I adjust down?
  7. Took everything out to my garage. Bought a can of air and fired up my air compressor. I drain my tank every time I use it and tested it on my hand before. There was more moisture coming out of the can of compressed air? Cleaned everything up and put it back together. Now the cpu never gets hotter than 50c. That's twenty degrees cooler! Thanks to everyone who posted.

    Now I only have two other problems.

    1.dust in my lungs (should have worn a dust mask)
    2.cpu seems to have welded in the socket (I guess I have a domain board now because it still works great)
  8. the cpu cant be welded in the socket, theres a latch to secure it, and sometimes the thermalpaste getsstuck to the cpu insulator
  9. That could be. I opened the bar that secured it. I didn't want to start prying with tools. I figured if it worked then; why mess with it? I don't plan on upgrading any time soon.
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