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hey guys. just about saved up for my new build now. my question today is im currently looking at getting a hyper 212 evo but ive had a look at the coolermaster V6 and am tossing up between them. i know that the hyper 212 evo is one of the best cooler for value for money but im considering getting the V6GT as it will match my build better due to the red and black theme. so what do you guys reckon? does the V6GT perform as well as the hyper 212 evo? i know it is more expensive but i am willing to pay the extra price if it will match my build better. forgot to mention getting a i5 3570K and planning to overclock. cheers guys. ( is my prefered site, as i am aussie :)
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  1. so i should get the V6? i was going to switch the normal fans on the hyper 212 evo to the Corsair Sp120 fans for better performance. if i get the V6 should i change the fans?
  2. The money spent on SP120 fans is around an extra $40, might as well get a Noctua.
  3. Corsair SP120 vs GentleTyphoon 1850rpm Nuff said!
  4. Both those aftermarket cpu coolers are great get the one you like better
  5. I'd get the noctua, although i have quite high temps for my liking i didn't apply thermal paste correctly, the evo seems to be the one everyone has, i some times think maybe i should have gone with that myself because the noctua is huge but i will say its painless to install and remove =D Cheers!
  6. i know the noctua air cooler is one of the best air coolers out there but i cant get past the colors of the fan. another reason is the color of the heatsink, which is why im thinking of changing the hyper 212 EVO for the V6GT due to its black heatsink and the stealthy look about it. it will suit my build better due to the red LED strips red extension cables in my HAF X case. my main question is the cooling performance of it on a 3570K which i plan to overclock against the hyper 212 EVO. not worried about the noise as i will only run it on 12V when im gaming or benching/overclocking. cheers guys. the total build cost is going to be approximately $2200 with delivery so i want to make sure its worth it for a kickass rig
  7. Have an EVO, quite happy with the temps on an moderate OC of 4.2GHz on a 3770k
  8. If you got that kind of coin to spend on a machine you may as well go with a nice LCS like the XSPC kits..You can get the RX240 for $169...Why air cool a nice chip like that..It deserves some H2O cooling
  9. Folks maybe its just me but, why do most people air cool these nice chips...I mean hell you drop $300+ USD on a chip and $30-$50 on cooling it...Doesnt make any sense to me..
  10. lowjack989 said:
    Folks maybe its just me but, why do most people air cool these nice chips...I mean hell you drop $300+ USD on a chip and $30-$50 on cooling it...Doesnt make any sense to me..

    Maybe some people are intimidated by a full blown W/C loop (and the costs can get astronomical, on the high end), plus, closed loop coolers aren't any better than lesser priced air coolers. That's why.
  11. Agreed closed loop sucks...The way I see it if you can assemble a computer and get it up and running..Then setting up a custom LCS should be a cake walk...The XSPC kits are exceptional at cooling and quite cheap as far as LCS's go...Don't be intimidated by H2O get ya feet wet and LC them scorching HOT OCed Intel chips
  12. ^ I agree with that, to an extent, and XSPC kits do make it easier (and are quite cheap for how well they perform), but a lot of people are still very intimidated by the whole situation.
  13. If ya gotta air cool OP just get a Silver Arrow or a Noctua may not fit your color scheme but they are some great coolers...As far as the CM coolers go IMO the 212+ EVO is the one I would get...It is a proven performer on OCed chips..My old AMD X4 940 has the 212+ on it and with a delta temp of 23c max temp under 100% load is 57c 3.9 GHz @ 1.5v...Whereas my two AMD 965 rigs are OCed to 4.4GHz @ 1.56v with the RASA RS240 kits and max 100% load temp is 38c with a delta temp of 24c..All of my machines use IC Diamond TIM...I know that the chip you will be cooling is Intel just want you to see the comparsion on Air to Water on similar chips
  14. i will be getting a custom watercooling loop at a later date hence why im getting the HAF X case. im only getting a air cooler for now as it is my first proper full on gaming rig. air cooling for now, water cooling later when i get the cash to do a proper loop with rads, pumps and bitspower fittings so it looks f***ing awesome. might be making a build log for it, but on the fence as i dont know if anyone would watch it. if i get people who would watch i probs will make a build log for youtube.
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