I7 3770k 4.6GHz and 1.336V reaching 70* under max load


I got my 3770k overclocked to 4.6GHz and with a voltage of 1.336 with a Corsair H100. When i ran the stress Prime95 the CPU went from about 20-30* to a good 70*. The hottest was core 3, which settled down at 73*. Is it dangerous for the CPU if i run this OC while playing games and generally when it gets this hot?
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  1. EDIT, ran the test for a couple of minutes now and it shows 77-78* on the most
  2. Yes, 77-78C is a way too hot for you CPU -- try not go over 67.4C (Intel recommendation), with your Corsair H100.

    Which program are you using to monitor temps?
  3. Are you using fans on your radiator? If so which ones as these temps are a lot higher than expected for a good cooler like the H100. I would keep it below 72C if possible. Can you maintain stability at a lower voltage? If not, reduce to 4.3-4.5, the performance drop will be minimal and the temps and voltages should lower a bit.
  4. This is too hot. If you can, crank the fans on the rad all the way up. If that isn't enough, I'd recommend Corsair SP120 Performance Series Fans, if you are using the stock H100 fans. And if that's not enough, then just clock down some.
  5. I have a 2600k and I can run 5.0GHz with an air cooler @ 72C. This makes me think that your have a bad contact or little airflow through the radiator. So I would try 3 things:

    Reseat the cooler. Clean of the the old thermal paste carefully. Use an alcohol as a cleaner, the more pure the better. Buy some Arctic Silver paste or use whatever you have on hand. Don't use too much.

    The other option is to get fans which have a large hydrostatic pressure. i.e. fans that are good at forcing air through radiators. The Sharkoon Silent Eagle comes to mind. Couldyou let us know what type of fan and how many you are using?

    In the BIOS, you can change the load line to change the fan speed at certain temperatures. Make the fans crank up to 100% when the temps hit 60.

    If non of this helps, just downclock a bit or your H100 is faulty.
  6. The i7 3770k, being as it is of the 3rd generation ivy-bridge processors from intel, were manufactured to run at hotter temperatures than their sandy-bridge predecessors even at the same clock speeds. Don't let this discourage you though because the performance between 8 threads and the 22nm technology of the i7 allow for much quicker processing.

    So, don't be too frightened by the temperatures for the sake of your water cooler. It is doing a fantastic job keeping the i7 3770k at 75C at 4600mhz OC during a 100% stress test.

    What you really want to be monitoring is the voltage (VCore) across your CPU. The most stable voltage I have found through OC'ing my personal i7 3770k to 4.2Ghz with just the corsair h60 water cooler is an Offset setting of -.100v to offset my native CPU's core voltage of 1.256 down to 1.110v with LLC 75%. I ask you keep in mind, DO NOT let this voltage go above 1.5volts. This is where the damage occurs. NOT from the temperature because your chip is manufactured to shutoff at 105C (close to the components melting points) core temp to prevent any damage. Temperature damage comes from long-term sustained temperatures of 71C+ for the I7 3770k. 'Sustained' meaning while gaming, or any graphics rendering application that taxes the CPU.

    Always keep in mind that any OC'ing done is out of the parameters created by the manufacturers and therefore will always cause some extra strain on your hardware. But if you bought a K-edition processor... you betta plan on OC'ing.

    As an aside... I really hope intel gets their act together with the ivy-bridge generation of processors... hopefully through drivers :D. I LOVE the performance of mine, it just runs too damn hot for my obsessive compulsive comfort!
  7. wow, at stock clock (3.5ghz) with the H100i my 3770K runs at 70C when I play Battlefield 3. Your lucky to get 70C at 4.6ghz
  8. Ok let me just stop this BS. Right now. Cause it's complete BS and I don't like people being misled. 78c for a 3770k at that overclock with an H100 is pretty good temps. I've had a 3770k with that same overclock and an H100i and I got around the same temps. So your cooler is definitely on right and everything.

    78c is actually a pretty good 24/7 temp to be at. Rule is thumb is to try not to go over 90c on these chips. For someone to say "whoa that's way too high, Intel recommend 67c" is just complete BS and someone who obviously doesn't overclock themselves. Every overclocker knows that even 90c isn't all that high for Ivy Bridge temps. Typically, if I don't know what I'm talking about I just don't say anything.

    So yeah, your overclock is good and your temps are actually a little bit better than the temps I got at that same overclock with my 3770k. I own a 3570k now because it's about 10-15c cooler than a 3770k so I can overclock it a little more, and I like my CPU to be cool.

    Keep that overclock, it seems like a good one.
  9. Just so you know, I'll let you in on a few OC tips.

    -Try not to go over 1.400v, past that and your usually going to get less life out of your chip.
    -If you set the LLC to extreme, you don't need as high of a Vcore voltage because LLC decreased the difference between load and idle voltage.
    -Try not to go over 90c during a Prime95 run. Temps during Intel Burn In Test are usually 10c hotter than Prime95 temps. So don't run this test if your already at 90c in Prime95
    -(This is probably the most important tip)Disable all C-States, disable Turbo Boost, disable EIST(or Intel Speed step). If you don't disable these you'll find it harder and harder to keep your CPU stable. If you disable Turbo Boost then instead of starting out at 3400mhz then boosting up to 3800mhz, you'll be at 3800mhz to start with. Disabling EIST will keep your CPU from idling up and down and up and down, and you'll be at a fixed clock rate, making it much easier to stay stable. Disabling C-States is kind of like EIST, it's for saving power, so disable them too.
  10. I'll echo what ericjohn says above. I have been doing my homework on OCing this cpu, and was told immediately, temps way too high. Luckily I kept researching. I had my 3770k at 4.5Ghz air cooled, and was reaching 100c using prime95 easily. That was too hot (for real). I've dropped down to 4.4Ghz, and now my temps average around 95c on prime95 using realtemp. This is still too high but it's because I am using a mid-level air cooler (evo 212).

    When gaming (Metro last light) my temps max at around 80c using realtemp.

    Here are my max temps running Metro Last Light's built-in benchmark soft.

    Will be upgrading cooling to closed loop liquid just to drop down a few more degrees, but the point being, these CPUs run pretty hot.
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