Sata 6gbs

I have a P55 board (BioStar I55) and it has Sata II ports and I heard that there is a Sata cards that can be installed on any motherboard

ans I wonder is there a SATA III PCI card that can be used with my P55 board to increase or enhance the HDD performance ?

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  1. thanks
    and what do you think ? am I going to feel any difference ?
  2. I doubt it would be noticeable in normal use but in benchmarks and huge file transfers it will be.
  3. how about heavy 3D games ? based your opinion it should load faster ?

    also can I boot from a hard drive connected to this card or it must be the built in sata ports ?
  4. Load times will be faster but will it be noticeable? Not big difference between 10sec and 11sec.
    I believe so that you can boot but am not sure since I have never run a HDD from a add on card.
  5. ^^^ thanks alot
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