Graphics card stuck in PCI Express slot

I'm having trouble getting the 6 pin power connectors off my GTX275, and as I've never done it before I'm not sure I'm doing it right. I'm just trying to pull them off but it's not working, is there some sort of catch or lever I'm supposed to press?

Also the card doesn't really budge out of the slot itself. I've tried pressing down the little lever on the PCI express slot, and that side of the card comes out a bit but the other side doesn't budge at all. I've removed the case clips already. I've tried to get the other side to come out, but again I don't want to break anything and so far it's been to no avail.

Help please? Thanks.
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  1. Yes, there should be a little lever clip that hold the 6 pin plug in place. You must push it all the way down to release the plug.

    You said case clip, but was there a screw or two as well (and be sure to release both slots' clips/screws.
  2. There were no screws. Also, I couldn't find any levers on the 6 pin plugs. I tried pressing up on the bottom (like an ethernet plug) but that didn't work.
  3. Well, i have never seen one without, so now I am very confused. Could you post a picture of the back of the card showing the plugs? Or, what is your PSU?
  4. ^+1
    Agree, show us the link or pics so we can know what is exactly... :)
  5. DId you manage to solve this? I have the same problem. The clip is blue, and doesn't move at all! Any help would be extremely welcome.
    Kind regards
  6. i am also having trouble in removing a 6 pin connector on my graphics card. I am looking around for some kind of lever but I see nothing like that.

    if it means anything it is a Radeon HD 5770 inside a prebuilt machine I am dealing with.
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