Need help picking the best aftermarket heatsink.

My dilemma, spend $100 on the Noctua NH-14 or spend 300+ on a water-cooling setup.

My question to the community.

Will water-cooling perform that much better than air?

Enough to justify 3x the price?

Also what aftermarket coolers would you guys suggest other than the Noctua?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Are you overclocking?
    Which Cpu are you using it with?
    Which Socket / Motherboard are you going to be using?
    Are you worried about Noise?
    Do you have any extra case fans?

    More info you can give us the better the reply we can give.
  2. Yeah sorry for posting in 2 different categories I just wasn't sure what it fell under.

    Anyways. My current setup is 775 with a Q660 sitting on a Gigabyte P35-DS3L.

    I was going to upgrade to core 1156/1366 but I really can't justify the upgrade at this moment. I'm running all the games I play fine. So I'd like to overclock the hell out of this chip before getting a new one.

    I don't care whatsoever about noise.

    Also do you guys know anything about 5.25 bay fan controllers. Can I hook that up through the PWM plug on the CPU fan?

    I'm such a nOOb.
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