Sapphire HD 7970 VAPOR X GHZ temps

Hi i was going to get a GTX 670 but i have been told the ATI 7970 is better and just wanted to know if anyone know what temps this card runs at on battlefield 3?
Sapphire HD 7970 VAPOR X GHZ
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  1. Nobody can answer that question. Your gpu/cpu temps depend on several factors including ambient room temperature, case airflow, fan speed settings, etc.

    Everyones will be different regardless of what card your talking about.
  2. will it go over 75 degrees ? in game
  3. twisted_rb said:
    will it go over 75 degrees ? in game

    Did you read my post? My psychic powers are not enabling me to know what your gpu temps could be.
  4. yeh but i mean i have a gaming case and *** but dont know how hot the card will get on average
  5. Just read all the reviews and there your avg.
  6. twisted_rb said:
    yeh but i mean i have a gaming case and *** but dont know how hot the card will get on average

    What does a gaming case have to do with anything? There is no average, it depends on your room temp, case cooling, load and fan speed. Please try to pay attention.
  7. Just chiming in... I have a reference 7970 with a 230mm fan blowing directly at it from the side panel. During long gaming sessions, I seem to be averaging about 79 degrees.

    I'm sure with Sapphire's aftermarket cooler, you'll see a lot lower temps provided that you have efficient cooling fans.
  8. I have a 670. Ive thought alot about it, i think its more about features.

    3GB VRAM vs 2GB for 670

    higher OC gains (1:1 ratio of preformance increase instead of 1:05 for the Keplar) basically double the gains from overclocking the same amount of Keplar.

    Adaptive Vsync - there were issues from the start I believe they fixed it. Basically this feature stops both frame dropping and frame tearing. In regular Vsync, if your frames drop below 60, they drop all the way to 30, and then up to 60 when allowed.

    Depending on your manufacter, they use less power, and usually run cooler and quieter
    Some games are optimized for Nvidia cards, you might get a huge amount (15ish fps diff) with nividia cards

    Im probably forgetting alot of important things
    In the end, 7970 will on average get you the most frames, but it is usually more expensive. (used to be 50$+) , and there is a sacrificen with either, so its not an easy choice.
    My 670 runs at 1280 and its at 73 C

    But the thing is, if you create a custom fan profile and bump the fan up a bit (10%) you will barely hear it but your temps can be 5C cooler, so don't take temps too seriously. Any non-reference card should do fine, Gigabyte and MSI cards are great.
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