Rampage III E SLI PCI E Bandwidth

Hellow community!

I am currently running:
2 480s SLI
PCI wireless card
SB X-fi PCI E card

So i thought i'd be running 16 - 16 - 8 (or 4)

But GPU Z shows that my 480s are in:
8 - 8

and the 9800 used only for physx... is in 16

This seems weired and i havent been able to find an explanation.

Obviously i want the 2 480s performing their best and the 9800 is the lesser of priorities here...

Can anyone offer some advice?
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  1. Hello
    In which PCI-E slots are you testing your cards? make sure your cards are located on the first and second PCI-E slots
  2. The 480s occupy the first 2 - the 9800 is in the third
    Then wireless
    Then sound card in the last slot
  3. Then its OK, when the third slot is occupied,the other 2 will run at 8x
  4. So i either have to run them like this or remove the 3rd and the first two will be in 16

    i guess ill have to run some tests to see how much different physx games run on high without the dedicated card and just on the 480s...

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    Don't worry about it, the performance difference between dual 8x and 16x isn't much.
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