Old PC with a few upgrades worth it!!??

I currently have a celerlon-d 2GHz 315 cpu, 9550 256MB graphics card and 1.5gb of ram based system. I'm aware that it is a old system, but I'm keen to squeeze some extra life out of it. Would it be worth upgrading the CPU to a P4 3.2GHz 512KB cache and a 7300GT 512MB graphics. I only really use the PC for playing Warcraft, this game did work ok a few years ago but it has progressed with updates and such. Causing my PC to play it at about 5 or 8 FPS, which really sucks.

Are these upgrades worth it for only 50 cash?

Will I see anything over 25 FPS?

(Sorry if this is the wrong section for this post, it seems like the right choice)
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  1. The nvidia 7300 is probably a little slower then your ati 9550. If you go with the 'newer' CPU then try find a nvidia 7600 gt or 7800 gt or ati 1800 pro, it probably a little more expensive but it should be a nice improvement! Just make sure you check if you mobo is agp or pci-e and that you newer gpu is the same interface
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