ATI Radeon HD 4670 OR NVIDIA 330M GT

Hey Guys,

I am looking at buying a new laptop and hung up on the DELL XPS or SONY F Series they have these two cards in them Dell ATI Radeon HD 4670 and Sony NVIDIA 330M GT. This is the selling point for me. I will doing some Gaming on the go, Photo editing and website development. Which one is the best card to go for? I live in the UK.
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  1. THey are both i7 with 4 gigs of ram
  2. Please help someone.....
  3. MrSwam said:
    Please help someone.....

    The performance of the GT 330M should be similar to the GeForce GT 240M and therefore located in the middle class in the range of the Mobility Radeon HD 4650.

    In line with that I suggest the laptop with the 4670.
  4. I believe... I am coming up short on any reviews on this, but it is their midrange mobile graphics and seems to be places where the 4650 and 4670 mobile gpus are. So the performance would be similar.

    However, I would take a DELL XPS over a Sony ANY DAY. I've just hear some bad stuff about Sony laptops. Everyone that I know who has bought an XPS laptop loves them. Dell also supports the XPS models much better than any of the mainstream models. They are quick on repairs and parts.
  5. Hiiiiiiiiiii
    I recommend u with the Nvidia Geforce 330M cuz its the best , in general nvidia is better than ATI , for example in saboreur game , nvidia works fine but ati has problems with the game even they have to make patch for it , so i recommend u with Nvidiaaaa

    Goood Luck
  6. dont listen to the guy above me^^ (no offense) :D that is just fanboy talk :)
  7. The 4670 is a little faster. The build quality on the Sony and the keyboard is very good. Also, the Sony comes with a high quality camera and built in SSD reader. The 330M that comes with the Sony will be 5-10% slower than the ATI on Direct X11 games I suspect - insignificant difference. I couldn't get the Dell with BluRay at the time I was ordering. Now they are offering it. I have owned 3 previous Dell laptops and this is my 2nd Sony. If you can get the Dell at or below the Sony price, go with it. I give a slight edge to the Dell on specs, but I don't have one in front of me to compare. Dell build quality has been inconsistent in the past, but lately they have been very good. You can't go wrong with either one.
  8. I own a Sony VAIO VPCF115M/B and it is fantastic. The ATI might have a slight edge over the NVIDIA but Sony build quality surpasses a Dell anyday. I admitt before Sony has made some crap PC's but they have finally caught up. It's a Sony 1080p SCREEN. I play starcraft 2 maxed out, the game isnt that demanding but it looks fantastic. The battery life is not amazing at 3 hours but its a desktop replacement. It's a freaking i7 quad core with 6gb of DDR3.. not DDR2 huge difference! The only downside of my VAIO is the 500gb 5400rpm HDD. Its slowwwww. That is it you can easily swap in an 256 gb SSD card and it will be blazing. I'm saving up for a SSD was contemplating a 7200rpm or even a 10000rpm but SSD is the way to go. Buy the SONY you won't be dissapointed I waited out for the new model refresh, was going to purchase and FW but i'm glad I waited.

  9. Hey I own a Sony Vaio VPCF115 FM Black version and I must is amazing. This is my second laptop the first I had was a Toshiba and it died because of cheap parts cause a bolt to fall lose and got trapped in my cpu fan causing it to over heat while I was away at work....and crash. Sony built is high quality, which now is something I definitely was looking for when I went computer shopping. Anyways... The Graphic card (nvidia 330m) is amazing. I overclocked my card with Evga Precision software mainly because it was the easiest compared to Nvidia overclocking utility. The numbers I use for my GPU Card is Core clock 700, Shader clock 1540, and Memory clock 948. I get up to 15 extra fps with the over clock which is awesome because I can play all my games in high settings and 1980x1080p resolutions now! which is amazing. I even play GTA IV in 1080p which high settings and get about 30-35 fps. I love this computer and wouldn't trade it for any other on the market. Good build amazing performance, core i7, 6gb ram, 500HD, blu-ray, back lit keyboard, 1080p screen. couldn't ask for more!

    OH yeah i forgot to mention, Dell's customer service is like Hell. Dell Hell....get it? remember that
    Sony's customer support is so pleasant, I love talking or chatting with them about any computer related issue I'm having. They are so patient and friendly.
  10. I bought the Sony F115 in April. I love it.

    On this battery I can get about 2 hours before I have to charge. It runs pretty cool and has the 1GB Dedicated video memory.

    Also the F115 has 6GB of pre-installed RAM, someone down there said they both have 4GB.

    One thing about the F115 is the built-in ambient sensor, you can bypass it or use it - but it adjusts the screen brightness to the amount of light in a room. It also helps to extend the battery life.

    I use it for web, photoshop, and converting audio/video. It's pretty light for its size, I take it to and from work and it doesn't bother me. I like the screen size - oh and it has FullHD (1920x1080) I don't know about the dell.
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