Need Best Fan controller

Hello, I want to know how much temperature is running at my cpu while m' using in multiple ways

NZXT Sentry 2 Touch

This is the item so far I searched .. I am based india and I have is the choice :na:

can any one tell me solution ?
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  1. If you only want the temperature sensor part you can just download HWmonitor, that will tell you what temperature your pc is at.
  2. I dont need softwares .. how can I use the software while m' in the middle of the game ..

    so Thats why I am looking for some gadgets where I can attachment that to my cabinet (Mid tower)
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    Any temp sensor mounted between your cpu and heatsink is going to interfere with the performance of your thermal paste, plus it will only tell you how hot your heatspreader is, not the core temperatures,
    Have coretemp (free download) on your taskbar reporting the cores temps then alt/Tab out to check as you wish,
    the main tab for it also records the max temp so you won't get a false idea of the temps
  4. Suggest me some good software for that ..
  5. We already have. Moto suggested coretemp I suggested HWmonitor, theres far more out there. Speccy/aida64/speedfan. For basic temp monitoring I use HWmonitor.
  6. I use Hwm (Hardware monitor) for more detailed analysis but Coretemp is nice to have on the taskbar, means you can minimise the main tab
  7. Thanks you both suggested the right things but for future reference and knowlege purpose .. I am giving my best answer to one post
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  9. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help
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