Need help building budget gaming computer @ $750

First of all i have never built a PC before so i am a complete noob in this area, i want to build a PC specifically for gaming. The NEEDS are that it must be able to play wow at preferably 100% max settings, and decent settings in other games such as crysis, it also has to support a 1440x900 possibly higher (nothing over 22 inches). As the title states i have $750 finances only.
Id really appreciate a list of parts that suit this build in and how much they would cost. Dont need a monitor by the way so forget about that. Also i have a 9800 GT GPU i can use but dont include that in the build if you dont think it is decent enough.
Thanks in advance for any help.

PS: i live in the parramatta area of sydney so if you know any good places let me know.
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  1. Could you post a link to a price list of the computer store you're shopping at? Even a scan will do. Host it at a free image host.
  2. dont know if i worded that clear enough but i just want a list of parts that would fit the price range, i can source the parts, just need to know what i need what fits together, otherwise id be choosing bits and pieces im not sure would fit together and such.
  3. No, you did word it clear, but it would make my job easier to just pick out parts from a e-store or list.

    And $750 in what currency?
  4. If you still interested I made a $750 gaming computer build guide on my blog here:

    It will run everything you throw at it and it's the fastest you will get for $750 right now.

    If you need help with physically building it I'm sure I could find you some guides online or help you over skype. Let me know if you still need help
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