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I have a 2 wire 2701 HGV-W wireless router connected to Bigpond ADSL 2+. My son tries to play WOW online but gets logged out constantly with wireless (even when his laptop is 3 feet away from the modem), and on my imac as well (also 3 feet from modem). If he connects via cable, no problems. Bigpons says the line is fine, signal strength great, etc etc but problem still persists. Can anyone suggest a better wireless modem for gaming????? Or is it some other issue?
Thanks, Wendy
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  1. almost any branded router from your local PC chain store will do just fine for wow. Not much point going in to whats better for such a simple application for only 2 users.

    I say local chain store as for the few bucks you may save from going online, you get a lot of peace of mind from being able to just go back and shout if needed
  2. Thanks for your reply. I went and bought a Belkin N+ wireless router and works perfectly. Turns out it was the modem that wasn't working properly - a shame Bigpond couldn't figure that one out!!!
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