How does one change his password on Netgear wi fi

Comcast installed my netgear wi fi and then gave me a password which does't work. How can if find out what the pass word is? or how to change it to another password?
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  1. if you don't know the password then you can reset the setup in the router: there is a little hole in the back of the router. If you use static IP, or particular configuration, please backup or write down it before to reset the router. To reset the router, disconnect the power of the router, very carefull, insert and hold something like a pencil in the back of the MODEM (yes of the modem), hold until only the power light is on, wait 75 seconds seconds, with the power cable disconnect from the router, hold the pen inside the hole reset in the back of the router, connect the power (holding the pen in the reset hole) for 30 seconds or a little more. Wait 75 seconds. With the ethernet cable connect from router to pc, open the browser, and if no open the setup page for the router, type and press enter. please follow the screen and good luck
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