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Hey guys I currently have an i7 3770K @ 4.5GHz being cooled by a Noctua NH-D14 and that is just not cutting it with how hot Ivy runs. On Prime95 it will hit 87c which is really pushing it IMO, I'd prefer to see it in the 70s or lower and maybe be able to OC a little more.

So I'm curious whats the best liquid cooler for less than 100$, I was thinking the Corsair H80 looked pretty good but I'm no expert on water cooling, I have never used it before.
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  1. For under $100? Maybe H100 if you can find one...H80 would be second thought. Other than that, you should consider going with actual watercooling kits starting around $130.

    Check the sticky, there are discussions around the closed loop coolers and entry level watercooling kits.
  2. Thanks, the H100 looks like its not compatible with alot of cases though, with the H80 I could just mount it on a single case fan but I heard people have to get tricky to mount the H100. Anyway I have an Antec DF-85 with the two rear 120mm fans and two 140mm on top, think I could fit it there?
  3. Should be able to. Check the cooler dimensions and then measure your available case area.
  4. Quote:
    I would go with the Thermaltake pro. It is the newest revision of all of the coolers that are based on the Asetek design.

    Tt Pro and not H100?
  5. Pretty much the exact same within 1% +/-
  6. Unless you want to spend $200-$400 dollars on a custom water cooling system, the DH-14 is the best thing you can get. The H100/80/60 series coolers are a joke, and will not give you the results you want. Check the benchmarks if you want to verify this.
  7. XSPC beginner kits will perform better and cost you less than $200. If you can find an RS240 kit around, they run around $130, but most have the old Rasa block, which still is a good block. It's a toss-up to suggest a good custom starter loop over one of these for the cost, especially if you go with the DDC or D5 pump upgrade versions for future loop expansion.
  8. This would be a better option than a TT Water 2.0 or an H100 if you are already going to spend the $100+ for those. Otherwise, H80 or good air.
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